GISF: What is confidentiality within the Information Security Management process?

Information security is the process by which your organization protects and secures its systems, media, and facilities that process and maintain information vital to its operations, data management is the process of ingesting, storing, organizing and maintaining the data created and collected by your organization, also, successful data classification drives the security controls applied to a particular set of data.

Private Team

Workplace confidentiality can be defined as keeping the employee, customer and client information private. Along with, new features, functionality, and design changes go through a security review process facilitated by the security team.

Different Operations

Security systems in place to regulate level of access to information for different staff, get expert advice on enhancing security, data management and IT operations.

Multilevel System

You are committed providing transparent information to your customers about product security, confidentiality and the protection of communications made during mediation is considered a key and integral component of the mediation process. Not to mention, to be certified as a multilevel security system, process isolation must be supported.

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