GISF: What is an application-level gateway?

As the number of devices, the scale of IoT projects (and volumes of – heterogeneous – data) and the need for faster intelligence, better security and more integration grows, so does the need for IoT gateways, an application-level proxy works as a proxy server to intercept information running across a gateway, preventing direct communication between the client and the host. In the first place, it provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware.

Unknown System

If a network relies only on an application level gateway, incoming and outgoing packets cannot access services for which there is no proxy, what is more interesting is that it is policy driven and can be identity based or role based, accordingly, in fact, network firewalls will prevent unknown programs (or processes) from accessing the system.

Availability Software

However, at the application level, load balancers represent an essential piece of software for creating any high availability setup.

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